jueves, 6 de diciembre de 2007


Dear Maica

Hola, maica. How are you? Its me, Tatsuya emailing. Im okay. My plan has
been changed so that i wont go to New York. Its a long story but anyway, i
dont fancy going there now. so i will stay here in Barcelona about 2 more
weeks and then go back to Japan.

So, let me tell you again. Thank you very much for giving me a good time and being nice to me. I really enjoyed taking your course. maybei was lucky,, because of you and classmates who are kind as well. There was always fun and you are very kind to me despite the fact that i was a fuckn lazy student who were always late for your lessons. Im sorry about that. im just one of the students who you teach. but you are the one for the students who study there. hmm its difficult to tell in english what i want to tell u. i want to say that i shall never forget your kindness.... hmm
still not clear...Joder! stupid tatsuya!

Anyway, i keep on studying spanish. Someday i will be talking to you with
fantastic spanish,,,,,Hola Guapa! Que pasa? hehehe. something like that.

Okay maica I will let you stop reading this looong email.. But before
finishing my email, let me say again. Thank you very much! I do appriciate
to your kindness. thank you ,thank you very much. Creo que eres muy
fantastica.( is this sentence okay?)

Ciao guapa

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